Advantages of Spraying Your Pastures

Weeds can reduce the quantity and the stand life of desirable forage plants in pastures and hayfields. They can also diminish the quality and palatability of the forage available for livestock grazing, and certain weed species are potentially poisonous to grazing animals. The aesthetic value of a pasture is also impacted by weeds.

Advantages of spraying your pasture:

  • Superior broadleaf weed control that provides better efficacy on more than 100 of the toughest weeds
  • Excellent pre and post-emergence control of many species
  • Fast burn-down
  • Season long performance on many broadleaf weeds
  • Grass safety to desirable grasses including bahia grass, bermuda grass, fescue, orchard and mixed native grasses
  • Excellent tank-mix partner with liquid fertilizer for a complete weed and feed control program
  • Excellent tank-mix partner with brush control products

Advantages of helicopter spraying vs. ground application:

Reduce wear & tear on farm equipment, especially in areas in rough terrain.
More accurate distribution of water/herbicide.
The helicopter’s responsible for all regulations, including application of restrictive use herbicide.

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