Aerial Forestry Services

Aerial Forestry Services offers turnkey helicopter applications. With over 20 years of experience and established relationships with proven aerial applicators, we provide professional service and results.

We take pride in visiting every individual tract to note species, conditionsand timing needs in order to make sure the job is done right and to provide the landowners with options and FIRM PRICING UP-FRONT.

We are also a licensed pesticide dealer and have excellent prices on all herbicides. Not only do we personally deliver our herbicides to customers, we also provide professional assistance with herbicide selections, calibration, and application procedures.


Chip Tatum: (601-520-0279)
Company: Tatum Timber Company, LP
Address: 421 JM Tatum Industrial Park Drive, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401

Ken Martin (601-942-7513):
Company: Mar-Cal, Inc.
Address: 951 Cato Road Mendenhall, Mississippi 39114

David Quin (601-551-5638):
Company: TimberWorks, Inc.,
Address: 4117 Highway 98 East, McComb, Mississippi 39648

Experience in Forestry

  • Worked for Weyerhaeuser in the late 1970’s
    • Helicopter Spray Crew Member, Injection Management, Burning, Timber Appraisal, & Site Assessments.
  • Worked for Weyerhaeuser in Tree Improvement in early 1980’s
    • Coordinated Aerial Seed Orchard Spraying Program, Orchard Maintenance, Controlled Pollination, Scion Grafting, & Cone Harvest.
  • Worked for major herbicide distributor (Helena) in the late 1990’s
    • Sold & Managed Large Spraying Programs for Rayonier & Weyerhaeuser, as well as private landowner work.
  • Worked for helicopter application company (Woodlands)
    • Sold & Managed Spraying Projects in the early 2000’s.
  • Partner in herbicide sales and application company (Herbicides Plus) 2007 – 2013
    • Sales & Management of Herbicide Treatment Programs.
  • Founded Aerial Forestry Services in 2014.